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Bacallao (or Terra do Bacalhau) was a phantom island depicted on several early 16th century Portuguese maps and nautical charts. The name first appears on a chart in 1508, but there are earlier accounts of Bacalao. Bacallao literally means "cod" or "stockfish".

According to Gaspar Frutuoso in his work Saudades da Terra, written in the 1570s, the Portuguese navigator João Vaz Corte-Real in 1472 was granted lands in the Azores by the king of Portugal, because of his discovery of the Terras do Bacalhau. Historians do not consider the work of Frutuoso as very reliable, as it contains a great deal of misinformation. But, Bartolomé de Las Casas also wrote about Portuguese voyages of discovery to Tierra de los Bacallao. There has been speculation that Corte-Real reached the Americas a couple of decades before Columbus.

Off the northeast tip of Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula, is an island named Baccalao. Its European name was originally in the French language. (Wikipedia)

Bacalao (album)

Bacalao is an album by saxophonist Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis with organist Shirley Scott recorded in 1959 for the Prestige label. (Wikipedia)

Sentences with «bacalao» (usage examples):

  • I am really looking forward to making the bacalao, it is one of my favorite Panamanian dishes. (
  • Here we feature croquetas made with bacalao (salt cod), Boletus mushrooms, Galician mussels and real Cabrales blue cheese. (
  • We had a hard time deciphering the Catalan menu, but with just three choices per course we ended up with good appetizers — beans with sausage and garlic soup — and twin mains of bacalao seasoned with dried apples and apple compote. (
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