Definition of «ehrlichia»

Ehrlichia is a genus of rickettsiales bacteria that is transmitted to vertebrates by ticks. These bacteria cause the Ehrlichiosis infection, which is considered zoonotic, because the main reservoirs for the disease are animals.

Ehrlichia are obligately intracellular pathogens and are transported between cells through the host cell filopodia during initial stages of infection, whereas, in the final stages of infection the pathogen ruptures the host cell membrane.


Sentences with «ehrlichia» (usage examples):

  • Ashley was not given proper preventative care, before her owners dumped her, infected with heartworm and ehrlichia at the shelter. (
  • All dogs and puppies over age 5 months are tested for heartworm, lyme and ehrlichia and started on heartworm preventative. (
  • However, in certain older pets, degenerative joint disease, autoimmune arthritis, and infectious arthritis such as those carried by ticks (i.e lyme, ehrlichia, rocky mountain spotted fever) may play a role. (
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