Definition of «fjordland»

Fjordland is a Norwegian food manufacturer that produces easy made dinners, margarine, yogurt and other dessert dairy products. It is owned by the three agricultural cooperatives Tine, Nortura and Hoff and uses raw products from the three owners as well as seafood. In addition to dinners branded as Fjordland, the company makes the product brands Brelett, Bremykt, Kos, Safari and Yoplait.

The company was founded in 1994 by Tine with the responsibility of producing Bremykt, Brelett and Tine Grøt. In 1996 Norsk Kjøttsamvirke, Norske Potetindustrier and Prior Norge bought part of the company. The dinner courses were launched in 1997. (Wikipedia)

Sentences with «fjordland» (usage examples):

  • Sample Norway's culinary delights during a tasting at a cider house and on a visit to a farm in the heart of the fjordlands. (
  • Walk to the station and board the Bergen Railway for the breathtakingly scenic journey to Voss, the gateway to Norway's fjordlands. (
  • Situated in the picturesque fjordland of British Columbia, the Knight Inlet Lodge is the perfect base for discovering this untamed part of the Canadian wilderness. (
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