Definition of «g forces»

G Force is the second studio album by American saxophonist Kenny G. It was released by Arista Records in 1983, and peaked at number 6 on the Billboard Jazz Albums chart, number 17 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, and number 62 on the Billboard 200 chart. (Wikipedia)

G Force (TV series)

G Force is a British television series created by Children's BBC in 1998. Originally broadcast as a segment within weekend show Fully Booked, but later shown independently as its own series. The programme was set within the office of a small publicity company in Scotland. (Wikipedia)

G Force (roller coaster)

G Force is a roller coaster at Drayton Manor Theme Park, Tamworth, England. It is the only X-Car coaster in the UK and was opened by the band G4 in 2005. The ride is also the third X-Car coaster to be built in the world, the first being the prototype Sky Wheel at Skyline Park in Germany and the second being X Coaster at Magic Springs. Another unique aspect of the X-Car coaster is the inverted lift, called the Humpty Bump Lift. Unlike a conventional inclined lift, the lift on is similar to a standard vertical loop. At the top of the lift, riders are suspended upside down and the train is released to traverse two more inversions, including an immelman loop and a Bent Cuban Eight. The ride was originally called Project X but changed to G Force before it opened. (Wikipedia)

G force (disambiguation)

The g-force associated with an object is its acceleration relative to free-fall.

It may also refer to:

G Force, a 1983 album by Kenny G

G-Force (film), a 2009 live-action film by Disney

G-Force (video game), a 2009 video game based on the film

G-Force, a group from Battle of the Planets

G-Force: Guardians of Space, the second English adaptation of Gatchaman, following Battle of the Planets

G-Force Technologies, a racing car constructor, now owned by Élan Motorsport Technologies

G-Force music visualization software plug-in for media players by SoundSpectrum

"G-Force", a song by Sonic Youth, from The Whitey Album

G-Force (album), a 1980 album by the band of the same name led by Gary Moore

G-Force, a guitar effects processor by TC Electronic

G Force (TV series), a 1998 TV series by Children's BBC

G Force (Dyson), a vacuum cleaner by Dyson

G Force (roller coaster), a roller coaster at Drayton Manor Theme Park

G-Force (Godzilla), a fictional military organization tasked with the monitoring of Godzilla

G-Force (dance group), a dance group in the Philippines associated with ASAP 2012 (Wikipedia)

Sentences with «g forces» (usage examples):

  • They were originally designed for high g force hypersonic reentry vehicles which were their own extremely rugged payload shrouds. (
  • Each category will help the crew's efficiency in a different manner; gunner improvements can help with fire accuracy and precision, while pilot improvements can help with vision and g force tolerance. (
  • Intriguingly, Scion says, the logic detects lateral g forces during cornering and limits unnecessary shifts. (
  • (see more)
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