Definition of «jab»

A jab is a type of punch used in the martial arts. Several variations of the jab exist, but every jab shares these characteristics: while in a fighting stance, the lead fist is thrown straight ahead and the arm is fully extended. It is an overhand punch; at the moment of impact, the pronated fist is generally held in a horizontal orientation with the palm facing the ground. (Wikipedia)

Jab (disambiguation)

A jab is a type of punch used in the martial arts

Jab or JAB may also refer to:

Jab, an informal term for an injection

JAB, an Australian punk rock band

JAB Holding Company

Yelmek language, also known as Jab, a Papuan language of West Papua, Indonesia

Jab Murray (1892–1958), American football player


Sentences with «jab» (usage examples):

  • Amazon, seemingly not liking this move, returned a jab at Google by pulling the company's Nest products from its online store. (
  • A quirky feature of these expressions is that they sometimes take a jab at the other linguistic group. (
  • Hawn's character is a famous Hollywood actress, which allows for a whole bunch of inside jabs and winking nods (her character beat Meryl out for a Golden Globe!) (
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