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Sheer Greed is the first album of the British glam rock band Girl, released in January 1980 by the independent record label Jet Records. The album was published during the explosion of the new wave of British heavy metal phenomenon and its sales took advantage of the favourable attitude towards hard rock bands in the UK in that period. Sheer Greed peaked at No. 33 in the UK Albums Chart.

The song "Hollywood Tease" was later covered by the bands L.A. Guns (featuring Phil Lewis) and Sheer Greed (featuring Gerry and Simon Laffy). The American glam metal band Lillian Axe recorded a version of "My Number" on the album Love + War in 1989.

"Do You Love Me?" is a cover of the song from Kiss' album Destroyer of 1976. (Wikipedia)

Sheer Greed (band)

Sheer Greed were a short-lived British hard rock band formed in 1992 by former Girl members Gerry Laffy, Simon Laffy and Pete Barnacle, and by guitarist Neil Gabbitas. The band was apparently named after the Girl album Sheer Greed.

Gerry Laffy sang lead vocals in Sheer Greed, as well as playing guitar.

The band released one studio album titled Sublime to the Ridiculous, produced by Def Leppard guitarist and fellow former Girl member Phil Collen. In addition, former Girl singer Phil Lewis guested on the album for the song "Everybody Wants," resulting in an unofficial reunion of the Girl lineup, circa 1981-82. (Wikipedia)

Sentences with «sheer greed» (usage examples):

  • Recently, however, the left has often clumsily explained the economic motives for the war in terms of big oil, sheer greed and more ephemerally as a desire to weaken the euro. (
  • The argument that some countries gambled with their own forests centuries ago is irrelevant, as wooden ships are no longer tools of warfare and sheer greed drives these loggers on to final destruction of whole systems. (
  • Almir believes this is the tribe's only hope for survival because there had always been some Surui who would cooperate with the logging mafia, some to escape poverty, some out of sheer greed. (
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