Phrases with «dace»

A dace is a small fish that can be one of many different species. The unmodified name is usually a reference to the common dace (Leuciscus leuciscus). (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)

Sentences with «dace» (usage examples):

  • Final Decision: Ozark hellbender, rush darter, yellowcheek darter, Casey's june beetle, Altamaha spinymussel, chucky madtom, Cumberland darter, DeBeque phacelia, laurel dace, Pagosa skyrocket, parachute penstemon. (
  • Then, with barely a ripple, it slipped into a Local Waters habitat, amidst darters and dace, stonecats and madtoms. (
  • would prefer going outfor music n dace or to a movie and di... Read More (
  • (see more)
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