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Day to Day (D2D) was a one-hour weekday American radio newsmagazine distributed by National Public Radio (NPR), and produced by NPR in collaboration with Slate. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)

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  • Without even looking at a chart, I can tell you one of the best things about trading a Gold ETF or the spot gold futures is that the shiny yellow metal is typically not closely tied to the day to day movement in the stock market. (
  • Many are well-versed in the more specialized disciplines like programming, web design, etc. but those who will not work in a computer-related basis or a job that requires this specialized training can not pass a test on material for day to day routines. (
  • The money we use in our day to day lives is not at all scarce, governments and central banks can and do print as much of it as they like. (
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