Phrases with «g water»

Sentences with «g water» (usage examples):

  • Exhibit A: 20 g apple cider vinegar, 40 g water, and 1 tsp saccharine two minutes prior to «a white bagel, butter, and orange juice (87 g total carbohydrates)» (Johnston et al., 2004) (
  • 122 g active 100 % - hydration sourdough starter (alternative: a poolish of 61 g flour, 61 g water, and a very small pinch of yeast, fermented for 12 hours) (
  • for the miso caramel: adapted from food52 ingredients: 25 g sugar 10 g water 20 g heavy cream, room temperature or slightly warmer 1 teaspoon shiro miso directions: Put the sugar and water in a heavy bottomed saucepan and bring to a boil. (
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