Phrases with «gabbro»

Gabbro ( ) refers to a large group of dark, often phaneritic (coarse-grained), mafic intrusive igneous rocks chemically equivalent to basalt, being its coarse-grained analogue. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)

Sentences with «gabbro» (usage examples):

  • In 2006 they released their findings: After drilling through nearly a mile of sediment and crust, they finally hit the gabbro layer for the first time. (
  • I suspect that the number being used is a lower-bound for the amount of heat released by the oceanic crust because it represents the typical surface heat loss of the great slabs of relatively cool basalt and gabbro. (
  • The textbook explanation is that the Moho draws the line between the crust and the mantle: a demarcation between familiar igneous surface rocks - such as granites, basalts and gabbros - and those of the interior peridotites. (
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