Phrases with «gravestone»

Gravestone was a German heavy metal band, formed in 1977 as originally a progressive rock outfit, before going in to the heavy metal genre. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)

Sentences with «gravestone» (usage examples):

  • It's nothing that we haven't seen before in the predecessor, but its further refined by the appearance of primitive objects like gravestones and cave drawings, prehistoric fauna like Mammoths and Sabretooth tigers, and plenty of bones, both human and animal, that give it that special ancient touch. (
  • With Surveillance Camera (2010), the artist memorialises the clunky apparatus of CCTV surveillance by replicating it in marble, medium of monuments and gravestones. (
  • Hirst, 46, has made a fortune from his work but said that being known as the world's wealthiest living artist «doesn't sound like something great to have on my gravestone» (
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