Phrases with «h period»

Sentences with «h period» (usage examples):

  • The consumption of breakfast, regardless of type, led to an initial decline in savory cravings followed by a progressive increase throughout the morning, whereas breakfast skipping led to a progressive increase over the 4 h period. (
  • The alcohol ingestion protocol (1.5 g · kg − 1 BM; 12 ± 2 standard drinks) began 1 h post-exercise and was consumed in 6 equal volumes of 1 part vodka (∼ 60 mL) to four parts orange juice (∼ 240 mL, 1.8 g CHO · kg − 1 BM) during a 3 h period. (
  • From day 2 to 7, the urine samples were collected in 24 h periods. (
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