Phrases with «haas»

Haas, also de Haas, is a German and Dutch surname, also Jewish (Ashkenazic), usually from Hase or de Haas, the German and Dutch words for "hare". (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)
  • haas

    Sentences with «haas» (usage examples):

    • I want avocados no matter what the season is, but I never seem to live somewhere where the haas avocados grow locally. (
    • i am looking for some one that like to go and enjoy life to the fullest haas a sence of humor likes to laugh listen and accepts me for who i am (
    • I grew up with a haas avocado tree in my yard, and while they are much easier to come by than figs, it really sucked when I could no longer just walk outside and pick myself one. (
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