Phrases with «heading»

Heading can refer to: Heading (metalworking), a process which incorporates the extruding and upsetting processes Headline, text at the top of a newspaper article Heading (navigation), the direction a person or vehicle is facing, usually similar to its course Aircraft heading, the direction that the aircraft's nose is pointing Double-heading, the use of two locomotives at the front of a train Subject heading, an integral part of bibliographic control Using one's head to move an airborne football or volleyball Heading off, (especially with regard to livestock, sports or military action), circling around to prevent livestock or opponents from fleeing. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)

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Sentences with «heading» (usage examples):

  • Font size and page margins: The body of your CV should be between 10 and 12 point font, and your headings between 14 and 18 points. (
  • A resume for cashier position is the combination of short yet informative bullet points under different headings such as achievements, abilities, skills, qualifications, education, relevant experience and awards. (
  • The calculator headings are merely labels for your convenience. (
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