Phrases with «ibb»

Ibb (or Abb) (Arabic: إب‎ ʾIbb) is a city in Yemen, the capital of Ibb Governorate, located about 117 km (73 mi) northeast of Mocha and 194 km (121 mi) south of Sana'a. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)
  • ibb

    Sentences with «ibb» (usage examples):

    • It resulted in a prototype for what would become known as ibb & obb — the first game from two-man independent studio Sparpweed. (
    • If your co-op partner for ibb and obb is going to be your significant other, I hope you have a marriage counselor on speed dial. (
    • So in the end, ibb and obb while doing something different, just isn't all there. (
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