Phrases with «jac»

JAC Port-Gentil is a Gabonese football club based in Port-Gentil, Ogooué-Maritime province. They play in the Gabon Championnat National D2. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)

Sentences with «jac» (usage examples):

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  • Your favorite corduroy shirt is now available in a heavyweight shirt jac version with a warm, poly sherpa lining (sleeves lined in quilted poly). (
  • Hendrik Göddeke, M. Hadi Timachi, Cedric A. J. Hutter, Laura Galazzo, Markus A. Seeger, Mikko Karttunen, Enrica Bordignon, Lars V. Schäfer: Atomistic Mechanism of Large-Scale Conformational Transition in a Heterodimeric ABC Exporter, in: Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2018, DOI: 10.1021 / jacs.7 b12944 (
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