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Knack is a Belgian (Flemish) weekly news magazine covering local news, politics, sports, business, jobs, and community events. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)

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  • Very good game overall actually, it does make me wish that those Nautilus devs (dissolved into some part of feelplus now) would create something new in line to another Lost Odyssey or Shadow Hearts: Covenant (a little more Shadow Hearts in terms of gameplay), since I really think they have a certain knack for rpgs, well, even if it was Sakaguchi's / Mist Walker's help for script in LO's primarily, but you know what I mean; I want another game. (
  • Age dependant changes in nutrition requirements: You ascribe stages 1 to 5 to increasing plateaus after reaching fat loss gains: Here's the knack: according to age you might end up like that (only for mainenance at about 10 — 12 % body fat!!!!) (
  • Landscape architects are wonderful people who have the knack of making an absolutely dull bit of land into a magnificent piece of art. (
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