Phrases with «laat»

Laat (Sindhi لاٽ) is a children's magazine in Sindhi published by Mehran Publication Hyderabad, Sindh. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)

Sentences with «laat» (usage examples):

  • Keep brushing up on your skills and keep developing your data bank ~ ~ see my laat months article! (
  • But if you look to laat year, we in Europe got almost all the mobile titles from SE, only with a little delay with Japan. (
  • we are playing catch up after years of austerity havjng to pay off the stadium... laat 3 years have seen us spend between 30 and 50mn which would and should be seen as big fees yet now Pogba goes for 80mn plus and Mbappe now being pitched at 150mn plus and Neymar 200mn!! (
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