Phrases with «lab»

Labs, labs, or LABS may carry the following meanings: labs, a function that calculates the absolute value of a long integer in the C programming language Labs (people), the inhabitants of the Labëria region in Albania Low Altitude Bombing System, used by some US nuclear-equipped aircraft for toss bombing Linear alkyl benzene sulfonate, a salt of a linear alkylbenzenesulfonic acid, used as an anionic surfactant: for example, sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)

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Sentences with «lab» (usage examples):

  • To examine the role of glucosamine, which can't be effectively adjusted in live animals, the Loeken lab created a line of mouse embryonic stem cells with activated GLUT2 that was grown in a culture with levels of glucose that are normal in mouse blood — unlike most stem cells, which are grown in very high levels of glucose. (
  • Another alarming thing is the whole «within range» thing — the lab that ran your test has a range that's made up of prior patients... patients who may have been much sicker than you, thereby skewing the range into the unhealthy territory. (
  • He added a second major in biology — with a concentration in cell and molecular biology — to his academic plate to aid in his research in life sciences professor Martin Schiller's lab. (
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