Phrases with «oaf»

Sentences with «oaf» (usage examples):

  • Tatum plays Mark like a modern-day Lennie Small, a naïve and impressionable oaf who gets seduced into du Pont's codependent web, while Carrell strikes a perfect balance between the wannabe coach's ferocious ambition and childlike desire for approval. (
  • The Range Rover never feels like a lumbering, overweight oaf, even though its dimensions might suggest otherwise. (
  • The writing complements the design with a witty and humorous script that takes recognisable Mario characters in hilarious directions — Luigi being a coward and living in Mario's shadow is played up for big laughs on a number of occasions, and Bowser goes from terrifying main villain to loveable oaf who's always in the wrong place at the wrong time. (
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