Phrases with «pabulum»

pabulum: word; denoting "food; bland entertainment" Pablum: product; infant food from Mead Johnson; product name derived from pabulum above (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)

Sentences with «pabulum» (usage examples):

  • With all the RCC's riches being horded and their hierarchies living in lives of humble luxuries, I'm sorry but I can not rightly commend such religious liars who would rather pilfer and lay sieges upon the emotionally despondent and financially poor... Give all that you have obtained by years of pilferage and give it back to your flocking poor oh pabulum pope... Only then will Christ Jesus find mercies upon your religion's unholiest vespers... (
  • I had a hard time getting excited about the Drawing Center as a cultural magnet — or for the likely pabulum that a Freedom Center would present without it. (
  • It's a bad thing that the market assumes that if your book has serious romantic emotions in it, it's pulp genre, Harlequin formulaic pabulum (sorry, Harlequin). (
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