Phrases with «run down»

Run down, also referred to as rundown, run dun, fling-me-far and fling mi for is a stew dish in Jamaican cuisine and Tobago cuisine that typically consists of fish, reduced coconut milk, yam, tomato, onion and seasonings. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)

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Sentences with «run down» (usage examples):

  • Even if Sigurdsson drifted in (starting as left-winger) to help out his midfield colleagues, this allowed Carl Jenkinson to make runs down the Spurs» left-flank. (
  • Why do you think Romney is Republican...s-h-i-t runs down hill and you are on the bottom. (
  • Jason Wilson has a great run down of this year's exhibitors at Rethinck and you can view this year's EXPO Hall floor plan here. (
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