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A sabbatical year is a year of rest, usually the seventh year, like the shabbat, which is the seventh day of the week in Judaism. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)

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  • It was in 1987 when I was doing my sabbatical year in a research center and my main responsibilities were to visit tequila companies and offer solutions to improve the process. (
  • Whether you want to take the family to Europe, register for a pricey cooking class, arrange a sabbatical year or achieve any other expensive bucket-list experience, it's best to strategize. (
  • Witkowski writes: «A similar [to Jackson Pollock and Thomas Hart Benton], if stylized, reach toward the edges can be observed in the paintings by Charles Pollock that he finished during his second sabbatical year in Rome between 1962 and 1963... They recall the work of Robert Motherwell and Franz Kline and one can see how the legacy of an artist like Charles Pollock is overshadowed by more established, canonized artists. (
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