Phrases with «spelunker»

Spelunker (Japanese: スペランカー, Hepburn: Superankā) is a 1983 platform video game developed by Timothy G. Martin and MicroGraphic Image. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)

Sentences with «spelunker» (usage examples):

  • John F. Kennedy was the first president to have been a Boy Scout James Garfield was the first president to be left - handed AND could write with both hands (and different languages at the same time-Greek and Latin) George Washington was a spelunker, loved searching in caves. (
  • It is true that travel insurance plans are especially important for people who participate in risk-involving adventure sports, such as ice-climbers, skydivers, and spelunkers. (
  • For armchair spelunkers, so to speak, the best place to start is with an interview in BLDG BLOG, an architecture blog, with Michael Cook, the dean of urban explorers. (
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