Phrases with «t 's»

Sentences with «t 's» (usage examples):

  • 161 (2006); but see Maxeiner, supra n. 1, at 35 (criticizing the analogy and pointing out that American law schools in the nineteenth century claimed to prepare students for the bar in every state, and that «[i] t is fantastical to think that American law schools might seek to prepare students for the bar of any nation in the world» today). (
  • I don t be part of the which is the fastestgame, fast or very fast is fast enough to me, my own dailycar runs 330 KmH, and I don t see a reason why I should ask for more. (
  • Harris discusses the controversies surrounding VAMs, as argued by both VAM proponents and critics, and he contends in the end that «[i] t is difficult to weigh these pros and cons... because we have so little evidence on the [formative] effects of using value-added measures on teaching and learning.» (
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