Phrases with «to jerk off»

Sentences with «to jerk off» (usage examples):

  • «The direction stank like the ratatouie at my girlfriends sisters» last tupperware party, musky and familiar, whilst the script itself could have been written by some dole reaping cudgehole who's not left the confinements of his house for 10 years, drawn all the curtains and jerked off to all the naughty bits from Dario Argento's back catalogue.» (
  • Anything that is porn doesn't count — we're talking about writing, not jerking off on a page, which has always had different «marketing» attached to it — and those real books that have gained a mainstream audience have done so specifically because they were eventually traditionally published, i.e. pulled out of the self-publishing slush pile. (
  • In the course of your work with Father Nutt, he twice asks you to «watch pornographic movies with him and «to jerk off with him» to relieve stress» (which you decline), kisses you on the mouth, grabs your buttocks, grabs your thigh and reaches for your genitals. (
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