Phrases with «unobtainable»

Sentences with «unobtainable» (usage examples):

  • Here are the key findings: Given existing technology, the CES's 80 by 50 mandate is unrealistic, unobtainable, and unaffordable. (
  • And even when promised updates do eventually come through, they aren't always as simple as upgrading right on your phone, making updates unobtainable for those less versed in the computer world. (
  • Hanamichi's fiery determination to succeed at all costs (even if it means staying up all night polishing the club's basketballs) makes him a typical Shonen Jump hero; what marks him out from the pack is his sheer lunkheadedness, his willingness to go hell for leather for a goal that everyone can see is unobtainable except him. (
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