Phrases with «vacancy bonus»

Sentences with «vacancy bonus» (usage examples):

  • «I urge the Governor to push Albany legislators to adopt vacancy decontrol, make preferential rent permanent and repeal the twenty percent vacancy bonus and introduce a housing bond act to create more affordable housing,» she said. (
  • Kavanagh appeared at the Stuyvesant Town - Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association meeting, focusing his remarks on legislation to repeal loopholes in the rent laws, like his bills, passed in the Assembly, to reform the system of major capital improvement (MCI) charges that are added to rent bills and to eliminate «vacancy bonuses» landlords get when tenants leave their apartments. (
  • I currently co-sponsor a package of three bills to strengthen tenants» rights including the preservation of preferential rent on the renewal of a lease, taking away vacancy bonuses from unscrupulous landlords and ending vacancy decontrol to keep rent stabilized units available. (
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