Phrases with «wackadoo»

Sentences with «wackadoo» (usage examples):

  • By the time we reach the lighthouse that signals ground zero for the asteroid strike, Annihilation indulges in a wackadoo climax that filters Lena's personal history through a combination of 2001: A Space Odyssey and The Fountain. (
  • Your wackadoo logic trail lost me when you came out with that «squishy» people bit. (
  • Way more French than Russian in nature, Wintory's music casts its romantic charm with accordion, harp, harmonica and any number of styles that range from Spaghetti western to whimsical waltzes, pirate jigs and tango It's the score equivalent to opening Felix the Cat's magic bag and having all sorts of amazingly inventive wackadoo music jump out of it with unexpected grace that's as absurd as it is lovely. (
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