Phrases with «xi»

Xi (Chinese: 息; pinyin: Xī) was a Chinese vassal state during the Shang and Zhou dynasties and the Spring and Autumn period (1600 – 475 BCE) ruled by members of the Jī family (姬). (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)

Sentences with «xi» (usage examples):

  • arse has definitely lost his marbles and his confidence in such mediocre players koslinecy, song, clichy and worst of them all shit rosicky in the final xi and hope to win trophies is nothing but deluding himself from reality. (
  • Ev knows the Barca way even more than lucho (believe it or not) Ev is using wisdom to manage this squad, imagine if he uses the «gala xi» the «Barca way» week in week out do you think our bench can fill in when they are exhausted?He'll no! (
  • Another player who may be disappointed to not be in the starting XI for Arsebnal today is Danny Welbeck, with our manager sticking with Giroud, Alexis and Iwobi, but with all three in great form you can not really blame him. (
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