Phrases with «yacht trip»

Sentences with «yacht trip» (usage examples):

  • When it comes to luxury, whether it's the spa, a yacht trip, a five-star hotel or one of the best restaurants in the world you have everything you need for a relaxing couples holiday too. (
  • Tailored safari options include guided rainforest hikes, indigenous tours of the rainforest and nearby Mossman Gorge, a river snorkelling drift excursion and even helicopter and luxury yacht trips to the Great Barrier Reef. (
  • While in Cartagena, we noticed that hotels were really expensive, we were just 8 months on our travel blogging journey during that time but then Jonathan decided to walk into some nice boutique hotels inside the Walled City and met a French man who ended up hosting us in his boutique hotel for 5 days, on a yacht trip to one of the nearby islands.. (
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