Synonyms for phrase «speaking skills»

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Sentences with «speaking skills» (usage examples):

  • No matter what your career field, you can benefit from learning public speaking skills. (
  • - Clear speaking skills to convey information to coworkers, bosses, and clients - Intricate familiarity with bookkeeping software such as Intuit QuickBooks - Expert clerical knowledge and ability to write down detailed notes when sitting in on meetings - Personal service skills to always check in on clients and ensure they are having a pleasant experience - Knowledge to use most pieces of office equipment, including scanners, fax machines, switchboards, and postage machines (
  • Believe me I do a lot of private tutorials and it's that 50-year associate in litigation who has great speaking skills, great personal skills, depositions, gets along well with clients, but can't get it down on paper and it becomes an issue. (
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