Sentences with phrase «black cab drivers»

Police breached the human rights of two victims of serial rapist and black cab driver John Worboys, the Supreme Court has held.
Uber lobbied against these proposed changes, couching them as a specific attack on its business and an attempt to «address the concerns of black cab drivers».
Drivers who use Uber are licensed by Transport for London and have been through the same enhanced DBS background checks as black cab drivers.
Noulas's team found that in London's densest areas, black cab drivers» specialist knowledge gave them the edge in terms of speed.
Its low prices have provoked anger amongst the city's black cab drivers, who have staged several protests on the capital's streets, causing disruption to traffic.
Jo Bertram, Uber's general manager for the UK, Ireland and Nordics, said that the «bureaucratic new rules» are «designed to address the concerns of black cab drivers, who feel under pressure from increased competition.
I'd also put a cap on the fares charged by black cab drivers, which is a complete and utter outrage.
These shelters were put up by The Cabmen's Shelter Fund to provide a warm place for cabmen to have a cuppa whilst they were on the ranks, and this building is still used by London's black cab drivers today.
«Us black cab drivers hate Uber... but we blame a lot of the issues on TfL.
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