Sentences with phrase «dead rabbit»

The Dead Rabbits was the name of an Irish American criminal street gang in Lower Manhattan in the 1850s. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)
As my wonderful teacher, classicist Arthur Adkins, said, psyche was «for Greeks only the difference between a dead rabbit and a live rabbit».
No longer will I gasp at the sight and smell of a measly dead rabbit on a British country lane back home.
In Kerstmis (2011), van der Niet placed the head and torso of a dead rabbit strung up by its hind legs on a cluster of red Christmas tree ornaments; in an untitled work from 2012, she left a cantaloupe wedge partially covered in cling wrap; and in a painterly and near-monochromatic arrangement (also untitled), she positioned eggplants and avocados around a small mound of blackberries resting in the plastic container in which they came.
Her teacher (and husband) was Jorg Immendorf, a Jungen Wilden (the Young Wild Ones) painter with a dark surrealist sensibility and penchant for orgies, and his teacher was Joseph Beuys, the conceptual performance artist who most famously covered his face in gold leaf and honey and talked to a dead rabbit for hours.
Show something about «Hell Yeah: Wrath of the dead rabbit», at least the release date or the download price for the Xbox, i'm saving my microsoft points and the wait is killing me XDD
Such necrosis is important in the meat industry, as it leads to meat tenderization; this is why hunters hang dead rabbits and pheasants for several days prior to cooking.
The carcasses of 16 dead rabbits were also located on the premises.
The archer will immediately head out and begin shooting rabbits with every innocent rabbit slain being worth a single coin, which in turn can hire another peasant and then with another two dead rabbits a bow to arm him or her with and so on.
I am a bunny lover and used to have two pet bunnies so I am sad for the dead rabbit: (Said that, seeing your wonderful Chanel bag makes me happy and this look is awesome dear Rena!
Voting for Howie is a great opportunity to move a progressive party past the stale WFP and the Democratic Party, which is a dead rabbit
But something about the dead rabbits and the feral smell of Pascal attracts Moll, who has her own dark past, having once gotten into serious trouble for attacking a schoolmate as a girl.
Oooooh... GaryM reacts to the thought of God commanding that we eat seeds as meat like trying to take a dead rabbit away from a dog.
A dog and rat come upon a dead rabbit in the street and, with the shrugging melancholy that often comes with such a sight, wonder about it.
They wouldn't have survived long on their own if they couldn't tear up a dead rabbit.
And we also notified police and sent additional patrolmen out there,» said Park District spokeswoman Angelynne Amores, who said the dead rabbits were found over a two-week period in late winter.
Right from the beginning, the pooch kept up alongside the race leaders although she stopped halfway to investigate a dead rabbit at around the 3 km mark.
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