Sentences with phrase «eager consumers»

The company also recently dropped details on its improved invite system, which will hopefully see the smartphone arrive in eager consumer hands a lot sooner than before.
«A Bronx location would undoubtedly prove to be beneficial for both Apple and one and a half million eager consumers here in The Bronx,» he said in a statement.
In some of those states, eager consumers celebrated the first day of legal recreational pot sales by lining up at their local dispensaries in order to be among the first to participate in the newly-legal marijuana economy.
Aside from getting suds to eager consumers throughout its region, American Eagle makes strides in preparing its retailers and the industry as a whole for a better future.
Worldwide sales of the title have recently broken the 11 million barrier coupled with over 2 million eager consumers downloading the first map pack.
Each month, economists and other analysts pay close attention to consumer confidence readings because they often foretell just how eager consumers may be to let go of their cash.
Evidence suggests that the most eager consumers are young athletes not unlike Sean Riggins.
Look no further than the runaway success of Pokémon GO as an indication of how eager consumers are to embrace AR.
As well as a new countdown clock and some details about the octa-core sporting device, the company will be giving away 50 smartphones to those who register with their email address, putting the marketing in the hands of eager consumers.
Children and adolescents are typically less than eager consumers of psychotherapy.
Just when HP fans and eager consumers were awaiting the release of the HP Slate running on Windows 7, the news of HP acquiring the Palm company came in.
The first is that emerging economies are expanding rapidly, creating unprecedented growth in a global middle class who are both producers and eager consumers of manufactured goods.
They're eager consumers of news, but not yet discerning ones.
Chinese buyers have proved eager consumers of Western Contemporary artists in the London and New York sales.
Long lines returned to the Apple Stores from eager consumers hoping to buy one, something Apple didn't see with the release of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus in September.
Yet, when lightning strikes — when new products and services meet the demands of eager consumers — entrepreneurs can change their own lives, the innovation profile of their countries, and the course of history.
Categories like the UTV market are leading the charge, increasing total unit sales each year and expanding product lines to accommodate an eager consumer base.
These facts were brought to life at CES, where companies from a huge spectrum of industries showed eager consumers an array of useful Qi products that cut the last cord and eliminate battery anxiety in just about any location.
Yet, in an age when parenting is less available, when marriage has almost become a thing of the past, and when children are being turned into commodity machines, it may make sense to reflect, as Plotz (1999) pointed out, that America is obsessed with youth because corporations are obsessed with youth: early intervention means netting an eager consumer audience for life.
Luckily, it looks like Walmart is doing just that, giving eager consumers a chance to secure the coveted console.
Still, for eager consumers who like to tune in (and for the tech journalists who cover it live), it's going be one busy week.
Investing in a legal directory listing places your law firm in front of eager consumers no matter what your practice area.
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