Sentences with word «ehem»

But, up to this point none of the book specialists (ehem, Barnes and Noble, cough, cough) have been able to pull their heads out of the sand long enough to lure readers from Amazon's shiny online warehouse of discounts and free shipping in order to turn them back toward odiferous, eye-hazing book shelves.
Let's get real, the meaning behind a white, pure dress isn't totally honest for a lot of us, ehem, modern women (Myself included!).
Occasionally my skin flares up when my diet is sub par (ehem, like during Thanksgiving week in the states), but at least I always know what I need to do to reset.
I am only asking because I debated in my mind (and with my husband) on the wording of that one, and we (ehem... I) settled on what's there now.
You might see «Erectionist» groups popping up (ehem, no pun intended) fighting for their right to use their very own body for sex without being enslaved to the corporations to provide them with one.
Just a bit of warning: the guy's web site is, ehem, rather eclectic.
Just to be clear the best AFC defensive line up on record in recent times was not Tony Adams and the gang but the one which formed part of the 2004 invincible squad and reached the 2006 Champion League final, which was fully assembled by ehem (whisper it real slow)....
Finding unique pieces that speak to you can be a challenge, but when you know what you are drawn to over and over again, it becomes your signature — your ehem... season's gold, if you will.

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