Sentences with word «ehh»

I am funny (ehh) and joke around but can be serious as well
Yesterday ended up with spontaneous drinks at Trafalgar and dinner out on the town with my friend Maggie and before I got my head around the day, ehh night, was over, but since the evening was one of those unexpected and unplanned ones it summed up totally fab, as those night usually tend to do.
I thought I'd share my story bc not even 24 hours ago I was searching through all these Amex reviews (various cards), trying to find a not-so-simple answer: w / my ehh credit, would I have a shot.
Clemson's win over Auburn is still holding up well, and Clemson doesn't have OU's bunch of one-score wins against ehh teams.
I captured much of my last Chico weekend on Instagram, but the gist of it includes: running the Yahi Trail in Upper Bidwell Park, a solo stroll through the Saturday farmer's market, sipping Vital Proteins matcha collagen, eating kale salads on my living room carpet (ehh, the no furniture life), and keeping the crop top obsession alive.
it's like ehh who wants to waste time on Mario Party?
Their games might play well (well, some of them) but god damn their art direction is so generic and terrible... Might pick it up eventually on PC, but... ehh..
Some were delightful while others were just kind of «ehh
I love fur vest so much I feel like they will pull an ehh outfit and make it look fab.
ehh... awful, or at least not-so-good.
I plan to self publish my first novel (unless i get a suitable handsoff contract from a traditional publisher, but what are the odds of that ehh) and i am just as daunted by these issues.
Famitsu scores tend to be... ehh... exaggerated.

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