Sentences with phrase «excessive greed»

And to top it all off, the publisher sometimes known for excessive greed isn't keeping any of the proceed for themselves; all of the money will be split between Humble Bundle and a number of great charities.
Manage emotions so that excessive greed and fear do not cloud judgement and force the trader to take huge risks and bear huge losses.
«In my opinion, the private credit markets have forfeited their privileged right to operate relatively autonomously because of incompetence, excessive greed, and in minor instances, fraudulent activities.
Maybe Americans should stay out of other countries and stop telling people how to (filling in the blank), especially since America is not the No. 1 example of anything except excessive greed.
According to the party's Publicity Secretary, the image of the outgoing governor which Soyinka was trying to launder had been damaged by himself due to excessive greed, uncontrolled wickedness to workers and high wire corruption that has been exposed to the people of the state.
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