Sentences with word «gabbers»

Gabber (; Dutch: [ˈxɑbər]) is a style of electronic music and a subgenre of hardcore techno.Although arguably a house variant from Detroit, techno music reached Amsterdam in the late 1980s, and it was the producers and DJs from Rotterdam in the early 1990s who evolved it, mixing it with industrial into a harder house variant which is today known as "gabber". (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)
As a chronic gabber that is something I need to watch.
If for example on your next one, some gabber she refuses to open his cam or if she takes the time to reply messages then that is not a very voucher signs.
As CNN and others are reporting, an increasing number of cell phone gabbers are complaining of an ailment called «cell phone elbow.»
The excerpt was from the Culture Gabfest March podcast and the «gabbers,» along with «pop-chart columnist» Chris Molanphy, were discussing the «Blurred Lines» court case.
One of CTM's turmoil-tinged masterstrokes was programming an entire night of gabber.
And nobody outside the immediate players, not the talking heads, the radio gabbers, bloggers, capital columnists, nor fellow legislators, had a clue?
Glen Powell makes the strongest impression as mustachioed gabber Finnegan, Wyatt Russell loosely fills Rory Cochrane's part in Dazed and Confused as the joint-rolling and philosophizing Willoughby, and Tyler Hoechlin makes for an archetypal team captain as McReynolds, a swaggering hunk by turns upstanding and infantile.
Or maybe you're the gabber at networking events, holding others hostage with nonstop chatter all about you?
And yet, every year at every real estate conference, a new crop of gifted gabbers join with veterans to take our money and sell their DVDs.
Gossip can wait — and for the 24/7 gabbers, cell phone calls should never take place on a moving conveyor belt (trust us).
Finally, the gabbers discuss the Slate Movie Club, the other critics who will be joining Dana this year, and movies that may not have received enough recognition yet.
Mr. Schoonmaker, who is 47 but looks 15 years younger, is not an art-world gabber offering extraneous chitchat.
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