Sentences with word «getting»

Xbox Live Gold subscribers are gettings four new games for free during the months of February 2018.
Now that smartphones are gettings as powerful as some mid-range laptops, Razer thinks it's time to use these devices to also act as the brains of your next laptop.
Talk about the invincibles, remember Vieira gettings sent off for flicking his foot at Nistelroy after being provoked?
As for the reader who spouted the charter school PR claim about double dipping (school districts gettings paid for charter students and charters also collecting money from the state), that's simply FALSE.
Steredenn: Binary Stars is another great couch co-op title on the Switch, and it's nice to see the eShop gettings titles that focus on that feature because it's still awesome!
Time moves so quickly between potty breaks, changing activities, gettings snacks and before you know it... 3 hours have gone by and you can't remember the last time you fed the baby.
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