Sentences with phrase «greed factor»

the man didn» need to look that far, when in the ivory towers most pretend the lack of only exist in third world countries, America has a sixth world country within its borders, always have and will, due to the greed factor
Plus, perhaps, the greed factor at play to some extent... The most interesting part was that this approach actually tends to * create * a market rather than simply servicing one.
A funny thing happens along the way, you have a plan but when you start scanning stocks you start seeing some impressive high yields from reputable companies and in a flash the greed factor sets in.
«So there's really a greed factor that has been driving the market.»
But that greed factor comes in where they want to get a little bit more return, and then they start doing things that are probably not going to give them the return that they want or anticipate, by picking individual stocks or trying to time the markets.
There's also a greed factor to consider.
Selling Real Estate does attract the greed factor inherent within us via DOREA's long-standing clarion call.
They forgot to account for greed factor.
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