Sentences with word «haberdasher»

A haberdasher is a person who sells small articles for sewing, such as buttons, ribbons and zippers (in the United Kingdom), or a men's outfitter (American English). (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)
The other is of Ira Levinson (Jack Huston, Alan Alda), a Jewish haberdasher, and his wife, Ruth (Oona Chaplin), who came to North Carolina from Vienna when Hitler's atrocities were merely speculation.
She counted among her clients the L.A. haberdasher and collector Monte Factor, and influential Italian collector Count Giuseppe Panza, one of the first Europeans to seriously collect postwar American art.
Maybe it was just the pure vicarious thrill of «discovering the hard facts of the writer's trade,» reading of the glances of «cold disdain» thrown down upon Lucien as he walks in his cheap frock coat and out-of-fashion «Nankeen trousers» amidst the beau monde; or Lucien greeting the sobering facts of the mercantile chicanery of publishers, for whom «books were like cotton bonnets to haberdashers, a commodity to be bought cheap and sold dear.»
Definitions: An Artist is someone who produces an artistic or artisanal product, such as: Musician, film-maker, ceramicist, culinary artist, clothing designer, dancer, fiber artist, haberdasher, graphic designer or visual artist.
The business is already so far gone that the demise of B&N means about as much to me as a Mongolian haberdasher closing his shop.
Presidents are people too, and many of them have held interesting jobs long before taking office (though none are quite as fun to say as «haberdasher»).
As it turns out, the one-time haberdasher from Missouri was even more blunt in his private correspondence — a fact that Truman historian Monte Poen uncovers in his illuminating collection of the former president's letters.
* Wooden or plastic coat hanger * Thick polyester wadding (available at haberdashers) * Fabric marker pen * Tacking thread * Fabric (we used Soubise, ref F5900-02, # 65 a metre, Osborne & Little) * Matching thread * 20 cm of narrow velvet ribbon * Mother-of-pearl button
You helped a poor, old haberdasher who was being robbed - the only decent thing to do, really - and then this monster from another dimension came out of nowhere.
This memorable political biography (from noted filmmaker David Grubin) summons well-chosen visuals and commanding narration to follow the life of the unassuming former Missouri haberdasher.
There will also be a «fringe» — an actual fringe strung through the conference centre, made from Scarborough's finest haberdasher's tasselling.
In 1975, he and his son were indicted on charges that they had promised to assist Hans Rubenfeld, a Bronx haberdasher, in obtaining an honorary, unpaid city job in return for a contribution to the younger Steingut's campaign for City Council.
I haven't felt less welcome as a consumer than that time I stumbled into a Hasidic haberdasher in search of a magnificent beaver hat!
On a late-night visit to a Harlem haberdasher, Mike Tyson had a violent reunion with an old adversary, Mitch Green
Boodles ® British Gin has partnered with iconic London haberdasher Drake's to create a unique and exciting innovation into tippled tailoring: the first proper shirt designed for bartenders, by bartenders.
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