Sentences with phrase «habitual criminal»

Orland Park Police said they quickly identified the 32-year-old man after the incident earlier this month, and then alerted Hometown Police that the habitual criminal was probably headed to their community.
The problem with it is that, based on the case law, the legitimacy of these letters seems doubtful where they are written to the parents of shoplifters, or to shoplifters who are not habitual criminals, and who have taken only small items.
It would seem apparent to any intelligent lay observer that there are broadly three categories of prisoner: The first time offender, who can be saved with the necessary resources, the social misfit who ends up in prison often because there is nowhere else for him or her to go and the perpetual and habitual criminal who spends a lifetime in an out of prison.
According to the dictionary, an in-law is a relative by marriage, while an outlaw is a fugitive from the law or a habitual criminal.
As a habitual criminal, he was given a sentence of life in prison.
Urom also stated that the accused was arrested by a police patrol team adding that investigations revealed that Samuel is a habitual criminal.
It's pretty safe to say that are a repeat offender and habitual criminals.
During that time, he learned much about the various levels and types of criminal behavior, including those offenders classified as habitual criminals and criminal psychopaths.
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