Sentences with word «jaccuzzi»

Very Nice 3 bedroom/3 bath Home with Loft, AC, jaccuzzi, and finished basement located in a gated community.
Large bathroom equipped with a sink for men and women, showers, and toilets are located on the corner and a bathtub jaccuzzi at another angle.
The aft deck had both a helipad and a jaccuzzi.
Featuring a 600sq ft patio, brand new kitchen, a jaccuzzi bath tub in the master and a beautiful front yard with a full garden!!!
Guests of the hotel can use swimming pool, parasole, sunbed near the pool and jaccuzzi.
Flashpacker Double Room — Jaccuzzi (Sleeps 2): edroom with 1 x double bed and en-suite shower, jaccuzzi and toilet.
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