Sentences with phrase «little jabs»

Little Jabs is the second full-length studio album by Canadian indie rock band Two Hours Traffic, released on Bumstead Records on July 24, 2007. (Wikipedia) (See all definitions)
We always get some of the big company execs throwing little jabs at one another over business plans, projections, and financial statistics.
By week 21 you should be able to feel his newly coordinated arms and legs give you little jabs and kicks.
I also hate how the Enfamil containers say «experts agree bf is best»... it's an extra little jab each time I read it.
I'm generally a fan of your work, but throwing these little jabs in there are losing my respect, for what it's worth.
My uncle sat in the great chair at the head of the table, a tiny slumped figure against the vast gloom behind him, and picked at his food with sharp little jabs like a bird.
What's worse are his little jabs at her routine lifestyle of long meetings, hotel bars and performance reports.
Also, in the same scene, if you look carefully, one of the magazines on the floor reads «Pants: Why you Should Wear Them,» a little jab at the people who complained about Yooka and Laylee not having any clothes (a la Banjo's backpack and shorts).
(Joel, for his part, claims that they made up, but he's not above getting a little jab in to Elton every now and then.
All those little jabs you do just help the opponent in the long run.
We take these little jabs at each other all the time; Don't take it so personally!
But then it locks onto a moment that is unexpectedly arresting and little jabs of poetic meaning or hard-earned truths reel a viewer back in.
nothing huge, just little jabs that i now recognize as baby.
Behind criticism and little jabs, for example, a person may feeling a fear that their partner is losing interest in them, or a sadness and loneliness about craving more contact and more connection.
He gives Riggan an added layer of mystery and throws in some more commentary to the happenings around him and gives the audience a little jab about why we, the movie goer, are even in the theater watching this movie to begin with.
And — And again, I kind of little tongue-in-cheek, put a little jab at the...
Add that to the snide little jabs about «family values», as if you know anything about my family.
The film makes excellent use of sound, but the little jabs at American ideals grows old quickly (such as asking who is the real terrorist).
This time is no different as Samsung has just released an ad which clearly and openly ridicules all iPhones in general and even delivers a clever little jab at the mighty iPhone X!
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