Sentences with phrase «live rabbit»

campaign was created to educate the public on the realities of living with a rabbit, and to discourage giving live rabbits as Easter gifts.
As my wonderful teacher, classicist Arthur Adkins, said, psyche was «for Greeks only the difference between a dead rabbit and a live rabbit».
There are many wonderful alternatives to buying a live rabbit for Easter, including plush bunnies, chocolate bunnies, bunny Peeps, and picture books about bunnies.
These races became known as «rag races», probably because after the use of live rabbits was banned, a piece of cloth was used as a lure.
In one class we visited, 3rd-graders learned about adaptation by stroking a live rabbit and pondering why it had eyes on the sides of its head (to better spot predators) and strong back legs (to better escape).
Refreshments will be served and there will be an appearance of an exotic live rabbit from the San Diego House Rabbit Society on opening night.
«Surely, a live rabbit is better than a dead goat,» Mr. Blay stated.
Anyone who has spent more than five minutes with a real live rabbit has had their childhood preconceptions shattered.
Greyhound dogs seem to be satisfied with chasing mechanical rabbits in greyhound racing, but some owners do what they can to slip in the benighted live rabbit if they can get away with it.
In the study, the research team has successfully tested their prototype lens on a live rabbit via non-invasive in-vivo testing.
The most surprising thing to happen to us at any press event so far is walking into a high rise London office with live rabbits and goats.
just wondering if my dog caught a live rabbit or if he only retrieved a dead one.
receiving a call concerning the possible neglect and abandonment of several rabbits, SPCA officers located 41 live rabbits living in deplorable and inhumane conditions.
Humane Canada deplores the training of greyhound racing dogs by the use of live rabbit lures, negative reinforcement procedures and the destruction of greyhounds who are not potentially successful competitors.
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