Sentences with phrase «lucky rabbit»

Instead, the lucky rabbit would come to the format in the two-disc, collector-friendly series with seniority.
That's why part of my deep value / growth strategy (something like Lynch) includes my fingers being crossed and a lucky rabbits foot.
A plausible portrait of what transpires when bad things happen to good people without faith in God or a lucky rabbit's foot.
One cat brings its lucky rabbit's foot.
It is the same thing with the superst!tions around sports, or carrying a lucky rabbits foot... people convince themselves these meaningless things have meaning.
That Nintendo sure knows how to gamble, they must have a magic lucky rabbits foot to give them all this luck on systems that should have been disastors.
We don't send the players onto the pitch with a lucky rabbit's foot down their shorts (not so lucky for the rabbit!)
It would appear that this guy must regularly skip through meadows of four-leaved clover and collect lucky rabbits» feet by the truckload.
You don't need a crystal ball or a lucky rabbit's foot to foresee what your local market will look like in three to six months.
Court victory is never obtained through wishful thinking, stroking a lucky rabbit's foot, nor good looks.
As your tummy grows larger, you may begin to feel like a lucky rabbit's foot; as complete strangers want to rub your belly when you're out and about.
Aggressive treatment with steroids as soon as possible after the injury helps some bunnies by limiting swelling in the spinal cord, and some lucky rabbits recover sufficiently to lead a pretty normal houserabbit life.
I don't think anyone will have a serious opinion if you have a lucky rabbit foot, as long as it is not a severed foot of a real rabbit.
«Vinnie Gentile couldn't raise enough money to buy all of the four-leaf clovers and lucky rabbits feet to help him win this race,» one Staten Island Democratic operative told the Observer.
This blurb at the Superficial amusingly jokes about Lindsay Lohan's newest lawyer's performance and her reaction: Within the first five minutes of representing her in court he hit on the judge then spent the rest of the time rubbing his lucky rabbit foot which even to someone as dumb as Lindsay Lohan, was a sure sign she's going right the fuck to jail.
This would be akin to carrying your lucky rabbit's foot.
You know that lucky rabbit's foot you used to wear on your high school backpack?
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