Sentences with phrase «more drunk»

It's no surprise that driving on the weekend can be more dangerous since there's increased traffic, more drunk drivers, and overall more things for drivers to focus on.
It also means more drunk drivers on the road.
Supposedly they get more drunk and are bigger douchebags than other nationalities.
47,000 drivers with three or more drunk driving convictions are still on the road.
But it's around 45 minutes from Cliff Cottage to White Sand beach and that wouldn't be fun to do at night on the section from Kai Bae down to Bangbao where the road is like a rollercoaster — only with more drunk drivers.
Go to bed, sleep it off, and please, no more drunk posting.
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This means that at any given point, we potentially share the roads with 2 million people with three or more drunk driving offenses.
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