Sentences with phrase «more insecure»

The 2011 Gordon Osbaldeston Lecture — A Short History of the Erosion of Trust — Allan R. Gregg — From inauthenticity to an essay on it: Gregg's target, though, is politics: «So even if we are now less deferential to our traditional leaders, and more efficacious and cynical as individuals, it may also be that this cultural shift has rendered us more insecure and vulnerable to the larger uncertainties that we can not control through technology and social media.»
This means that the more insecure a participant, the more negative her attitude toward the secure mother.
Imposing blanket restrictions on wind development in the name of national security can make us more insecure.
«We trust our devices and systems to drive our cars, deliver vital medical treatments, and protect our homes and supply chains, but these have never been more insecure,» he says.
The teen then feels judged, misunderstood and more insecure.
We as humans tend to feel more insecure for Jesus than He, Himself, does.
Because — surprise — if we didn't already constantly second-guess ourselves as parents, growing up with a toxic parent makes you that much more insecure in your own parenting abilities.
Threatening the end of the relationship was the wrong solution and made both feel more insecure.
It's a chicken-and-egg problem, Stewart said: Women whose partners watch a lot of porn might begin to feel more insecure.
This group of voters feels more insecure and vulnerable than ever.
Who is more insecure here... obviously athiesm wasn't getting enough «signer-upers», so now they go on a advertising spree!??!?!?! HAHAHA!!
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