Sentences with phrase «odd socks»

Still, astonishingly, this «pair of odd socks» gradually fall in a quiet, undemonstrative kind of love, Maud drawing out his vulnerabilities as he cautiously supports her developing career as a painter.
It's the look two odd socks give when they recognise each other in the wild.
That might be enough for those starting out on their tech slate adventure, but even they will soon leave such a device unloved and discarded like an old odd sock.
If you are like most parents and seem to often find odd socks in the laundry then why not turn those socks into a fun game.
He's also well known for generally having odd socks.
It's hard work raising kids, and while most of us know that there will be days with tantrums, odd socks and spaghetti on the floor... that could have been too much for this perfectionist couple to manage.
Following this, Anti-Bullying Alliance patron Andy Day, with his band Andy and the Odd Socks, is getting schools and early years settings to celebrate what makes everyone unique by asking children to wear odd socks to school on the first day of Anti-Bullying Week and celebrate «Odd Socks Day».
Or an odd sock (great for drying wet boots, too).
Where do all those bloody odd socks go?
it cuts deeper... the raw data is a drawer of odd socks - thermometers calibrated against what, reading on what scale, sited at coordinates defined by which system, read at which times of day, how frequently... BEST comes along, throws some more sites into the mix..
Or where, if I put on odd socks, yours would be odd too.
5 Singles that should be doubles It's natural to hang on to that odd sock or earring in the hopes that its mate will turn up.
Before I moved up here I worked in our very tiny utility area, sharing the space with wellington boots and odd socks...
Well, in this case, our «treasure» consisted of a plastic spoon, a rubber duck, a large plastic cotton reel, an empty packet of baby wipes, two odd socks and an old TV remote control (batteries removed!).
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